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Hey I'm Zehra. 13. Libra. I make my wishes on October 13th. I reblog things that are pretty, cute, girly, yummy, and inspirational. I've been on Tumblr since July 9th, 2011. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have an amazing day! My personal blog: Message me for the password(:

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Favorites: candy, friends, food, clothes, shoes, iPhone, music, ice cream, lollipops, chocolate, smores, pandas, hedgehogs, traveling, drawing, writing, photography, Nintendo, toms, uggs, nail polish, Harry Potter, reading, colorful jeans, unicorns, black, blue, Disney, Forever 21, jewelry, shopping, cupcakes, talking, designing, animated movies, bears, marshmallows, One Direction, Niall Horan, making jewelry, being a nerd♥

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